About the event

What is it?

The World Audiences Summit is an invitation-only, international gathering of leaders in the media and measurement space. It enables leaders from both the buy and sell sides to connect and discuss challenges and opportunities. Through a mix of formal and informal sessions it provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with and learn from the biggest thinkers in media and advertising.

The first World Audiences Summit took place in 2011 in New York City. Subsequent summits have taken place in Hong Kong (2012), Barcelona (2013), Los Angeles (2014), Rio De Janeiro (2015), Cape Town (2016), Miami (2017), Berlin (2018) and Scotland (2019). Owing to the pandemic, the 2020 Summit was a fully virtual experience, whilst our 2021 event will be delivered in a unique hybrid format. We’re planning to return to the complete, in-person format in 2022.


Our underlying objective is that all participants leave with both a greater understanding of best practice and a challenge to innovate – thereby enhancing the content and advertising measurement space in their own market – while creating meaningful and long-lasting connections.

Who created it?

Kantar. Following the creation of our dedicated media division in 2010, we identified the need for an exclusive event at a global scale where senior representatives from the industry could come together and share best practice.

What’s so special?

The World Audiences Summit is the most geographically diverse event of its kind. The most recent in-person Summit enjoyed representation from over 40 markets all in one room. It is a unique knowledge-sharing and networking opportunity for invited participants.