Past & Present Berlin: tour & shopping

We invite Summit participants to experience a sightseeing tour of Berlin – with a difference.

Tour buses are a convenient way to see a large city in a short space of time. With advances in video technology, The Summitvideo bus will tour today’s Berlin visiting important landmarks including the TV Tower, Jewish Memorial, Berlin Wall and Parliament Buildings. Whilst we see the present, the screens on our coach will reveal the past – historical film footage and archive images of the same route The Summit participants will learn more about the contemporary architectural and cultural attractions in Germany’s capital city.

A tour wouldn’t be complete without a visit for shopping! We’ll visit the Arminiusmarkthalle, the most beautiful Markethall in Berlin that’s been here since 1893. As you make your way through the aisles separating the 25 different stalls, you can imagine the horse-drawn carriages delivering goods to and from the market back in the day.

Finally, we’ll stop for refreshments and sit at Berlin’s longest table made out of a single piece of wood!