Extraordinary times, extraordinary measurement.

<strong>(Not) The Summit 2020</strong>

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the postponement or cancellation of many industry events and, unfortunately, our annual flagship client event could not happen in its usual form. Kantar is determined that this would not stop us bringing together the greatest minds in media measurement to help drive our industry forward. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures!

And so (Not) The Summit was born.

With TV and video – indeed all media usage and consumption in sharper focus of late, Not The Summit brought some of the hallmarks of the summit into the comfort of our clients current working space. Over 180 participants from 33 markets joined us online for a 3 day Summit like no other! Leaders from diverse backgrounds representing brands, agencies, digital platforms and content providers discussed the future of marketing, media and research in these extraordinary times.

Over the course of the three-day event common conversation strands emerged including:

The resilience and reassurance of media measurement

We heard first-hand how media owners have been making smart pivots in their offerings, whilst brands have been living up to the concept of brand purpose by taking positive action to reassure customers and engage with the ‘new normal’.  The crisis has cemented the core truth that advertising, and media professionals more than ever need to understand what consumers do and the consumption, performance and value of media.   Media data and insight have never been more essential to truly understand how much of what we are living through is temporary and how much is a real step change in media usage and consumer behaviour.

Data is a strategic asset for everyone

Our clients are increasingly responding to an environment that is more technology driven and fiercely competitive – and data’s at the core of this, a strategic asset for all. Our panel sessions discussed the need for balance, a balance between relevance and privacy and the need not to overstep boundaries.

Advertisers are becoming adept at maximising use of data assets in-house – a trend that’s leading to a more integrated and joined-up approach to marketing, where more stakeholders have access to and use data.  It’s clear that the entire media industry needs to be more democratic about how we use data.  Data sets offer huge opportunities, but, third party, independent verification is essential in building industry trust in the data.

Unlocking growth

Even before the crisis we were in a landscape of increased choice and intense competition and everyone involved in TV & Video needs to understand their existing audience and their prospective audience in new, deeper ways.

The publication of the World Federation of Advertisers cross-media manifesto has made clear advertisers’ intent that measurement is a core priority.  We need to join the dots, not just for the advertisers but for the wider industry to understand how platforms and devices are used as we enter a ‘new normal’.  This is going to take a major collective effort, but the vision for media measurement is clear: a total, granular view of audiences viewing habits and behaviours across all platforms, devices and environments, not only to understand who’s watching but how to activate them in the short and the long term.

Ultimately, everything is measurable – but Kantar and other research agencies can’t do it alone:  it is essential that all parts of industry agree on priorities and work together.  Measurement is a team sport.  Collaboration is essential to realising the greatest benefits from the research and data investments being made and unlocking growth.